We are proud of our extensive breastfeeding program.  

While encouraging all new mothers who choose to nurse, 

we understand that this is a very personal decision 

affected by many social, emotional, and medical factors.

We support all mothers and families 

whether they choose to bottle or breastfeed.  

There is no “one right way” to nurse your baby.  

All of our staff, from the front office to the providers, 

have training or knowledge of breastfeeding; 

culminating with our own physician assistant 

and lactation consultant, Allene Troy.

Lactation consultants provide valuable advice.

Not only does Allene have a unique ability to counsel 

mothers with regard to nursing; as a pediatric clinician,  

she evaluates and follows infants and children, as well. 

Among the few combined advanced practitioners and 

lactation consultants, she can provide 

services for the entire family.

We also provide pre-natal consults during which  

you can talk with us and our staff about  

our philosophy regarding breastfeeding. 

We encourage all families to meet with us  

within a few days after leaving the hospital  

to ensure that your nursing starts off well.   

Should any issues arise, you can meet with us promptly  

so we may offer assistance and  alleviate your concerns.