We are NOW asking you to please wait outside our office in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Our immune-compromised and youngest patients', our families' and our own healths are at risk.

Whether you agree or disagree with the current science; 

Or with the consistent intent of our message; 

we are doing what we believe is necessary.

We can not allow unvaccinated and or symptomatic patients enter our office, 

potentially and or unknowingly, putting others at risk.  

If your child is 12 or older, please call in advance and let us make arrangements for you to participate during the visit.  

If your child is under 12 or is extremely uncomfortable by themselves, please notify us as well.  

We may also ask that unvaccinated adults be tested and notify us of negative results prior to entry.  

If any eligible child is unvaccinated and or has significant respiratory symptoms, please notify us.  

We may ask you to consider postponing well-visits 

if your vaccine-eligible child remains unvaccinated for the next few months.

If these visits cannot be postponed, we may ask to have patients tested (negative) prior to their visit.   

We have asked or have had others leave our practice 

due to parents' failure to vaccinate 

against the measles, chickenpox, invasive strep, 

meningitis, polio, whooping cough, etc.  

While we will continue to care for those non-vaccinated;

Our position remains consistent: though this pandemic 

is a current reality and not simply a possibility.  

You and your children, we and our children, 

are at immediate risk.

It is not just a personal choice, but the largest 

public health emergency we have ever faced. 

It has become a disaster, dividing our communities 

and our nation, due to conflicting messages, 

be they from media outlets, scientific organizations, 

and or local and federal agencies.  

We will  attempt to remain consistent in our message.  

We are here to share with you our many years 

of experience and knowledge.  

We are available to discuss the risks and benefits 

of vaccination, as well as what you can do 

to mitigate risks to your own health.  

We are here to help

That is our one and only priority.

We have no other agenda.