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MD Consult Services

Providing comprehensive medical opinions, 

in the fields of family medicine and pediatrics, 

for case reviews and legal proceedings.

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Julia W. Auerbach, MD JD 

Board certified (ABFM) 

family medicine physician since 2001.  

Previously, she received a law degree, with honors, and was admitted to 

the Connecticut State Bar in 1991

Richard J. Auerbach, MD

Board certified (ABP, NBPAS) 

pediatrician since 1998.  

Maintaining academic affiliations,

he manages a successful pediatric practice in Newtown, CT

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MD Consult Services


While we are happy to interact with you on-line, 

we strongly believe that nothing can replace the personal interaction 

between patients and our staff.  

Please call us directly if you have any concerns about your child.

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Tel:  (203) 426-KIDS

Tel:  (203) 426-5437

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