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American Academy of Pediatrics

AAP Family Resource Page

Drs. Auerbach, Arena, and Soriano are fellows of the AAP.  

While we follow the recommendations and    vaccine

schedule of the AAP, feel free to consult with your physician

with regard to the information provided on this website.  

Birth to Three

State of Connecticut Services

Connecticut’s Birth to Three program offers evaluation and 

services for children with developmental delays and 

 other behavioral needs such as speech therapy, 

occupational and physical therapy.   

Most of these services are free.

Connecticut Safe Kids

During our well child visits, we discuss many 

safety concerns that may affect your child. 

 However, there is insufficient time to outline  

all dangers and concerns you may have.   

 This website provides comprehensive safety surveys and 

information you may find helpful.

Newtown-specific websites

While we provide care for children from 

many communities, there are may organizations 

and websites available in Newtown.  

For many, you do not need to be a resident of Newtown 

to benefit from the services they provide.

Newtown Youth and Family Services

Newtown Parks and Recreation

CH Booth Library

Newtown Bee

Newtown Patch